Lesson Policies/Rates

Continuous Enrollment:

When you sign up for lessons, you will sign up for the same time slot each week. On the 20th of each month, we will automatically renew your enrollment for the following month, and charge your debit or credit card for the number of lessons in the coming month. This hassle-free “continuous” enrollment ensures that A) you don’t lose your time slot by missing any deadline, and B) ensures that we receive payments in a timely fashion, helping us keep costs low. Some more details on our enrollment policy:

  • For student-canceled lessons, we will provide one free makeup lesson per month, provided that we receive four hours’ advance notice via email (phone messages are generally not checked outside of business hours, which are 2-7, M-Th, and 2-6 F). No refunds or credits will be given for student-canceled lessons, and if we receive less than four hours’ email notice, no makeup will be given. Additional makeup lessons can be provided for an additional fee of $6/lesson, again, provided we receive at least four hours’ email notice.  In the months of June and July, two make up lessons per month are permitted without a fee.
  • For teacher-canceled lessons, we will be happy to either provide a make-up lesson or credit your account for the following month.
  • If you wish to terminate your enrollment or change lesson times, you must let us know via email or writing by the 20th. Once the card has been charged, no refunds can be given. Also, once the card has been charged, if you need to reschedule, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule change, but we can make no guarantee.
  • Also, be sure to take into consideration our Off Peak Discount when scheduling your lessons! A 5% discount will be applied to lessons that end before 3:00pm or start at 7:00pm or later. This offer is not valid on Saturdays or Sundays.

Private Lesson Rates for Continuous Enrollment:

30-minute 45-minute 60-minute
$23 $30 $38

Group Lesson rates: (45- and 60-minute lessons only)

per 45-minute lesson (total) per 60-minute lesson (total)
2 students/lesson $ 35 $ 43
3 students/lesson $ 45 $ 53

Pay-as-you-go lessons:

For families with very erratic schedules we offer “pay-as-you-go” lessons. Although “pay as you go” lessons are more flexible, they still need to be paid for in advance of the lesson. You can do this over the phone or by stopping by before the lesson is to take place.

Each month, you may reschedule one “pay-as-you-go” lesson for free, provided that we receive four hours’ cancellation notice. Each additional reschedule incurs an $6 fee. If four hours’ notice is not given to us, you will forfeit the lesson.

Rates for Pay-as-you-go lessons:

30-minute 45-minute 60-minute
$26 $33 $41

In-home lessons:

In addition to offering lessons at our facility, we will send teachers to students’ homes to teach lessons.

Rates for In-home lessons:

30-minute 45-minute 60-minute
$28 $35 $43

Please note that availability of in-home lessons is quite limited, as we generally schedule these lessons later in the evening after a teacher has finished teaching at the studio. As a result, we can make no guarantee as to the availability of in-home lessons, but we will do our best to accommodate requests, as always!

If you need more information about what makes our academy special, please check out our page, Why choose Stafford?

Summer Flex Plans

Summer Flex Plans: For June (plus a few days of May) and July only, we have an option for families that have some days of travel/camps called the Flex Plan, which allows you to pick either 6- or 7-lesson packages that you can use scattered over the summer months.

We try to help you stay Continuous by offering two free make ups per month rather than the only one per month permitted during school year months. For many kids, summer is a great time to focus on music, but we understand the need for flexibility. Here is how to determine which is the best plan for your family.

-If you plan to be here for most of the summer, you may stay on Continuous Enrollment, and keep the same prices that we always have.  Instead of the usual one free make up per month, in June and July, you may cancel and reschedule two lessons each month without penalty.

-If you will be here for the most part but will require some flexibility in summer scheduling, you might want to consider Flex Plan options, the prices for which are described below.  There are 9 weeks of summer (Sunday, May 28 – Saturday, July 29), and we offer packages for 6 or 7 lessons.

-If you will really only be here very sporadically, you can temporarily switch to Pay-As-You-Go Enrollment. With PAYG Enrollment, you may just pick and choose lesson times and days, subject to teacher availability. PAYG Enrollment lessons cost $3 more per lesson than Continuous Enrollment lessons.

NOTE: Switching to PAYG enrollment for the summer means that your fall lesson time will NOT be reserved for you. If you wish to keep a particular time slot, or will need a certain time slot in the fall, you need to enroll in a Flex Plan or stay with Continuous Enrollment.  This helps to keep teachers’ schedules somewhat steady. Students who stay enrolled in Continuous or a Flex Plan will have priority with regard to scheduling for the fall.

Summer Flex Plan Lessons can be scheduled around summer vacations–if you will not be able to come every week, you can take weeks off, and/or you can have weeks with multiple lessons (contingent on teacher availability), and/or you can schedule make-up extensions (again, based on teacher availability). Summer Flex Plans cannot be split between family members.  Seven-lesson packages will have a $1 per lesson increase, and 6-lesson packages have a $2 per lesson increase.

Summer Only Flex Plan Package Options:
Sunday, May 28 – Saturday, July 29 (9 weeks)

-6 30-minute Lesson Summer Flex Plan Package: $150 ($25/lesson)
-7 30-minute Lesson Summer Flex Plan Package: $168 ($24/lesson)

-6 45-minute Lesson Summer Flex Plan Package: $192 ($32/lesson)

-7 45-minute Lesson Summer Flex Plan Package: $217 ($31/lesson)

-6 60-minute Lesson Summer Flex Plan Package: $240 ($40/lesson)
-7 60-minute Lesson Summer Flex Plan Package: $273 ($39/lesson)