Will Devitt – Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin

A performer, composer, and guitar teacher for more than 20 years, Will taught in Japan and has played with new muisc ensembles, poets. and country-dance bands. Will has taught for the Stafford Music Academy since 2009 and currently writes music for and performs in the progressive folk-rock dup, Davis + Devitt.

Nathan Landes – Guitar

Nathan Landes has extensive private teaching experience with both children and adults. He has worked privately, for music schools and academies, and at the University of Rhode Island as instructor of bassoon. He has degrees in performance from Oberlin Conservatory and New England Conservatory, and is currently studying musicology at the Jacobs School of Music where he focuses on contemporary popular musics. When not musicking, Nathan likes playing soccer, video games, and running with his dog Clara.

Braedon Hofmann – Guitar, Ukulele, Lute, Banjo

Braedon thoroughly enjoys teaching and approaches learning a musical instrument in a way that helps the student develop a passion and appreciation of their own, hoping that practicing and playing becomes a pleasure. He loves working with students of all ages and takes great pride in the progress of his students. The importance of theory, technique, and musical understanding is incorporated in every lesson so students truly learn how to play their instrument. Braedon, like many guitarists, had his roots in rock and roll but now holds a Bachelor of Musical Arts in Music Composition and Classical guitar and now will be perusing graduate studies for Historical Performance at Jacob’s School of Music. He has received scholarships and participated in music festivals such as Early Music America’s Berkeley Festival, The Lute Society of America’s Summer Festival, and Oberlin’s Baroque Performance Institute. He loves to have fun and his students really enjoy learning with him as they share and grow together, creating memories and skills that will last a lifetime.

Jack Gallalee–Guitar, Bass

Jack has played guitar for more than a decade, starting with classic rock and blues which evolved into a love and appreciation for learning jazz. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Knox College, where he performed in the Knox Jazz Ensemble, as well as multiple small combos. In Bloomington, he took violin-making classes at the Jacobs School of Music, and he has been seen around town playing bass in a 50s/60s R&B band called the 123s. He has a cat named Thelonious Monk.

Dakota Smith – Percussion/Drums

Dakota Smith is a versatile percussionist with experience in solo, orchestral, marching, jazz, and world music settings. Hailing from LaGrange, IL and the son of a pianist and percussionist, Dakota grew up in a musical environment, and has been fortunate to attend Lyons Township High School, through which he participated twice in Jazz at the Lincoln Center's Essentially Ellington competition and perform in the Evanston Jazz Festival, as well as a concert at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago, IL. Dakota has spent three summers participating in Drum Corps International as a member of Legends DBC in 2010 and 2011, and the Blue Stars DBC in 2012, with WGI Indoor Drumline experience as a member of Green Thunder Percussion in the 2011 season. During his time at IU, Dakota was a member of every single ensemble except the New Music Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Baroque Orchestra. Additionally, he was a member of IU's Percussion Ensemble, Afro-Cuban Folkloric Ensemble, and Steel Drum Ensemble.