Group Classes

Opening Acts Class, for ages 2-5

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Saturdays from 12:00-12:30

Opening Acts Session II:

March 31, April 7/14/21/28, May 5/12/19 — 8 weeks

Opening Acts is a class of musical beginnings designed for children 2 – 5 years old.

What It Is:

Early childhood music and movement program

Classes of 3 – 8 children with their parents

30 minute classes in our large classroom


Activities include:




Playing simple percussion instruments

Musical vocabulary


What It Does:

Allows children and their parents to experience music in a fun, engaging and rewarding environment

Kids learn to “feel” music at a basic level; prepares them for future music instruction

Music instruction has been proven to have a permanent effect on a child’s brain, resulting in improved spatial ability and memory

A common question is, “What makes our class special?” The purposes of the class are many and varied: in addition to this being a great way to introduce your child to music instruction, participation, and listening in a comfortable, relaxed environment that is fun for him or her (and you!  This is also a great student-parent bonding experience), it also helps to prepare students for private music lessons, presumably at Stafford Music Academy.  We have had a number of Opening Acts participants go on to study at the academy, often starting around age 4, which is earlier than many students are ready to begin lessons (usually around age 5 or 6).

This is accomplished by students’ learning to feel the beat of music and simple rhythms, playing simple percussion instruments, learning musical vocabulary, and participating in singing activities that improve students’ inner hearing and pitch matching abilities–both of which are important for aspiring young musicians’ development.  In addition to learning echo songs and simple songs sung as a group, there are opportunities for solo singing which allow the instructor to assess and gently coach students individually with regard to pitch matching and vocal quality.  These solo singing activities are not at all intimidating–they are usually just short 6-8 note phrases that are echo-sung back to the instructor–and the other students and parents provide a supportive environment in which students develop the ability to perform independently.

At Stafford Music Academy, it is our goal to provide the highest-quality instruction available in town with the nicest facilities.  Thank you very much again for your interest, and I hope that you and your child will find Opening Acts to be the best fit for your family!

Rock On! (ages 7-18)

Rock On! usually takes place over school year breaks and during the summer months.  Contact us for more information!

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